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Updated  12 February 2013


(formerly called Hypo-Fit syrup)

(12 x 18 gm sachets)

GSF-SYRUP is a premium product, which is a unique combination of three sugars – glucose, sucrose, and fructose – water and flavouring (mint, orange and tropical).   Each sachet contains 13.4 gm of very useful carbohydrates.

  • GSF-SYRUP a useful nutritional aide for energetic people, such as sportsmen or women, as well as anyone who has a need for quick acting carbohydrates.
  • GSF-SYRUP contains no preservatives or gelling agents.
  • It is a natural product, not tested on animals and is registered with the Vegan Society.
  • Each 18 gm sachet contains 13.4 gm of useful carbohydrate with a calorific value of 228 KJ / 54 Kcal (see NICE Guidelines).
  • Users include: mountaineers (including mountain rescue teams), kayakers, sky divers, track and marathon runners, golfers, surfers and skiers.  Some major football clubs also find it of benefit.
  • The robust, ultra-slim flexible sachets are small enough to be carried discreetly in pockets, wallets, purses, or even jeans and back-packs, with little fear of rupturing or restriction of movement.
  • It remains fluid at extremes of temperature and altitude.
  • GSF-SYRUP is listed in the PPA prescription data base and is available on NHS prescription.
  • It can be stored between 5 - 60 degC: no special storage is required.
  • GSF-SYRUP is available in boxes of 12 sachets each of 18 gm (13 ml for airline travel).
  • GSF-SYRUP is a food stuff and not to be used for medicinal purposes, or used in place of medication.
  • GSF-SYRUP is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

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GSF-SYRUP 12 x 18 gm sachets

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