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Updated  12 February 2013


GSF-SYRUP Primary Research Study – Summery

Samples of GSF-SYRUP were sent out to 360 diabetes centres, followed by a questionnaire. 

The aim was, to receive written feedback from the healthcare professionals, regarding GSF-SYRUP.  

The questionnaire contained 9 questions - 3 were open questions, 3 were closed questions, and 3 were about the person submitting the answers.

Healthcare professionals formed the majority of those who received the questionnaire,

  • 59% were Diabetes Specialist Nurses
  • 30% were Paediatric Diabetes Nurses
  • 7% were Clinical Lead/Manager  
  • 4% were Consultants

and the response rate was 7%.

Summary of the key results
When asked “what their patients thought of the different flavours of GSF-SYRUP:

  • 74% of the participants responded positively towards the flavours,
  • 7%   of the participants gave “No Comment”
  • 7%   of the participants were undecided (had both positive and negative comments)
  • 4%   of the participants commented negatively about the flavours. 

b.  On the question regarding ‘ease of use’

  • 92.6% of the participants said that GSF-SYRUP was easy to use. 
  • 4% of the participants were undecided (had both positive and negative comments)
  • There were no negative comments about the ease of use. 

c.  The overall feeling about GSF-SYRUP was

  • 78% of the participants were positive. 
  • 15% of the participants were undecided
  • 4%   of the participants gave a negative comment. 

e.  Regarding prescribing GSF-SYRUP,

  • 44% of the participants are prescribing GSF-SYRUP, 
  • 52% of the participants are not prescribing GSF-SYRUP directly, but the majority of them refer the prescribing information to the GP or the patient.
  • 4%  of the participants made no comment.

here is a definite, positive opinion in the use of GSF-SYRUP amongst clinicians.  

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