Blood Glucose Testing



What is blood glucose testing?

Blood Glucose testing uses a small battery-operated device, which is commonly known as a Blood Glucose Monitor.

To test for glucose with a typical blood glucose monitor, a small sample of blood is placed on a disposable test strip placed in the meter. The test strips are coated with chemicals (glucose oxidase, dehydrogenase, or hexokinase) that combines with the glucose in blood.

The Blood Glucose Monitor measures how much glucose is present in the patient's blood and they do this in different ways. Some measure the amount of current that can pass through the sample (like IME-DC, Microdot+ and WaveSense JAZZ), and others measure how much light is reflected from it (like Supreme). The meter displays the glucose level as a number. Most new models can record and store a number of test results many of them store hundreds of test results.


Choosing a Blood Glucose Meter

The points to consider are:

  • Amount of blood needed for each test, this is nominally measured in ÁL
  • Testing speed
  • Overall size of the blood glucose meter
  • Ability to store test results in memory
  • Cost of the meter
  • Cost of the test strips used
  • Ease of Use

We have three different options for you which encompass the different benefits above. 

  1. IME-DC
  2. Microdot +
  3. WaveSense JAZZ


Updated  11 December 2010


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